Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I hope she likes purple......

I really hope Joy likes purple! A couple of weeks ago when we sent our photo book to Joy we didn't have a picture of her finished room yet. I had to describe her room since I couldn't send a picture. was hard to describe a room that you haven't started in that description....I told her her room was painted a very pretty blue. I had every intention of painting her room blue because blue is her favorite color, however I was going to use a island blue...or a turquoise because I found a comforter set that has turquoise, teal, purple, pink, etc. It's very pretty. Anyway, we picked out some very pretty turquoise paint for her room, but when we put it on the wall......MINT I went back to the store, got more paint which was a lighter blue and had no green in it....put it on the wall......LIGHT MINT GREEN!!! It was very strange....almost like her room was not supposed to be blue, but I was determined to paint it blue so we tried again........PALE MINT GREEN!!! I gave up. Chuck said, why don't we paint it a lavender I went to Walmart, picked out  the first purple that caught my eye and it worked! I think it looks really pretty. I just hope Joy likes purple!! If not, we are in trouble. I hope I get to talk to her and explain why I said her walls are blue, but they are really purple :\

We are supposed to be able to send her a picture of her room when we have it completed. So hopefully I can explain then. I can't wait to get it finished! Chuck is working hard painting the trim and doors now. The trim was an off white and we are painting it bright white to go with the purple. I got a very pretty purple bean bag to go in there as well.....Oh...I hope she likes purple!!!! :) :)

After the trim is painted, we have some pretty white furniture to put together. A white chest of drawers and night stand. Joy's papaw is making her a daybed. When he gets it finished Chuck is going to paint it white. It will have a trundle bed underneath so we can sleep in there with her if she wants us to. It's so much fun fixing up a girly room! I will be adding more pictures as we get it done. It's coming along though. Also, we are going to find a white desk to go in the dormer area because Joy loves to draw. I thought that would be a good spot for her to sit and draw and study :)


  1. It's a beautiful color! It might even become her new favorite color. I think she will love it!
    Great family photo, hopefully it won't be too long before you can take a new one with Joy.

  2. Thank you for the sweet compliments Leslie! Hoping you hear something very soon! You are getting closer every day!!

  3. It's a beautiful purple! I'm sure she will like it even though it is not blue :oS. Thank you for following my blog!


  4. Deborah, thank you! I just love reading your blog!!