Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thankful for my many blessings....even on the crazy days!

Well....yesterday day was an eventful day around the McNabb household. Every day is full and never boring, but yesterday was just funny...that's the only way I can describe it. It started out with Caleb waking up with a nice "shiner" from hitting his eye on the bathtub drain the night before. Then....Colby opened the basement door and I heard him say to our big dog, Shadow, "No Sadow, you don't go out that der!" So I proceeded to try to "tackle" Shadow before he escaped, but I failed. I did manage to hit the door facing as hard as any linebacker in the NFL would hit their opponent!! I have a nice sore, scraped up, bruised shoulder and bruised toes to prove it ;) Shadow had a nice frolic around the neighborhood before my husband managed to tackle him in the next door neighbor's yard. Then to top it off last night...Caleb broke out in some weird funky rash. It was crazy and a little scary. He started developing streaks and whelps under his arms, down his legs, and on his chest and back. I tried to think back to what he had that was "different" yesterday and the only thing we could think of was that his papaw had given him a bag of Hot Tamales and he had eaten almost the whole bag. So....we think he was allergic to the red dye or the cinnamon in them. Thank goodness a little Benadryl helped. Also, we were under a tornado watch for the millionth time this week. We did have some tornadoes touch down in the area a few days ago and it was pretty scary.

As for our adoption process...our paperwork is in Manila!!!! We have confirmation that the embassy in Manila received it on April 7th!! Woohoo!!! Now we are awaiting Joy's medical checkup and visa interview appointments. Once she is issued a visa we can travel to go get her. It may still be anywhere from 6-8 weeks, which seems like forever, but it IS getting closer each day!!!! We are so excited! Although we still have no idea where we are staying and so forth! Eeeek!!!

I am just so thankful for my many blessings, even for all the little quirky, crazy things that have happened this week. I just hope Joy is ready for an adventure because it is always an adventure with her three little brothers!  They can't wait to welcome Ate Joy home!!!