Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yippee!!!! So excited for answered prayers today!

We got the call today saying we have been approved by ICAB to adopt the little girl we have been praying about and hoping for!! We are so happy and overJOYed!!!!! ;) We truly feel like God has led us to this little girl because it has been a process, or should I say roller coaster to get to this point, and if wasn't for some tough and trying times we faced in the beginning of this process I don't know that we would have opened our hearts up to "older" children, well our hearts were open, I should say opened up our minds to older children. The first thought of it was scary, to be honest, but God slowly changed our minds :)  We did a lot of praying and talking to God about this because I wasn't sure myself at first, but He has led me to believe and shown me that this is His plan for our family. 

We are waiting on an official letter and documents to arrive from the Philippines! From what I understand we will be given approximately 14 days to look things over and accept the match. I am excited for what God has in store for our family. I'm not looking for it to be a piece of cake, but I'm excited to be a small part of God's great big plan :) I'm preparing myself for challenges and struggles along this journey. I can't do it alone but with God I can do it! Also with all of the wonderful praying people in our lives, we can do it! I appreciate all the wonderful friendships I have made so far on this journey. I am so thankful God has placed them in my life at this time. Also, I'm so thankful for my wonderful friends who have been praying for us and been there for us from the beginning. I am happy to share this news with you!! Thank you!

Now, IF I can ever remember to start working on our passports I've got to get busy!! We haven't applied for those yet! I've been finishing up on some online training that needs to be done. We are almost finished with it. Oh......and we are still waiting to hear if our I-800A is approved! Sure hope so!! I had almost forgotten about it while waiting on approval of our dossier and match. So hopefully we will be hearing from USCIS any day now. I hope!!! will be hurry up on the I800.......and wait......Lot's of hurry up and waits in this process!

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